The Art of Light

Jul 6 2020

Lighting a place is easy.

Just put a bunch of downlights, the more the better, you can find some cheap ones at the DIY shop down the road. Add one or two lamps you spotted in a decoration shop et voilà. And this is how you end up with beautifully decorated spaces ruined by poor, gloomy and cold light.

The same goes with retail. How many shops have these glary, too powerful track light systems with very poor colour rendition ? Talking about shopping experience (specially in those days), how many places you just want to run away from, just because they are so overlit ?

Light is so important in our lifes, and yet very often left at the end of the priority list.

We, as lighting designers, use light as a tool to enhance spaces. We know how to play with light, we understand the effect of light on people, and how it can dramatically impact the way we interact with space.

We spend our days thinking of how light can shape a space, create a proper atmosphere, add drama, reveal objects and materials. 

We do a lot of research, work to understand the physics, we accumulate knowledge and experience. This enables us to come with solutions you most likely would not be aware of.

With our technical knowledge we can specify schemes which are energy efficient and sustainable, with appropriate light levels. We know the legislation.

Lighting is easy, the art of lighting is complex.

Ask a lighting designer.

Ask us.

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