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Le Boudoir de Suzanne, Nîmes / 2016-17

New lighting scheme,
Concept design, installation supervision.

Boutique Jorice, Bagnols/Cèze, 2015-16

New lighting scheme,
Concept design, installation supervision.

Boutique de l’Esplanade, Nîmes, 2015-16

New lighting scheme
Concept design, installation supervision.

More projects…

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“La Chamade”

Restaurant in Morzine.

Lighting design on the completely remodeled restaurant of famous chef Thierry Thorens.
The place wants to be cosy for nice after ski sessions, but also contemporary, modern and tonic.
Lighting levels are relatively high, llighting has to be uniform, and very discrete. Iguzzini’s LaserBlades are the perfect solution to match the demand: Nice warm light, invisible fittings, people just can’t tell where the light comes from: During first tests in the middle of the day, the client thought the lighting system was not working as he could not see any light source…

Design and supply, installation supervision.
Client: Thierry ThorensArchitect: JF Cottet-Puinel
Electrician: Braize Electricité

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CCI Nimes


(in partnership with ADEME).

The aim is to test the impact of adapted and efficient lighting on the attractiveness of retail outlets, and to verify their energy-saving potential.


-Lighting diagnostics for 19 independent shops in the heart of the city.
-Proposals for improving lighting around 2 axes: improving attractiveness, reducing energy costs.
-Accompaniment of the implementation of recommendations (work phases?).

Training of CCI advisors on commercial lighting.
Of the 19 shops, 8 have undertaken work to improve their lighting, 6 have received financial assistance from ADEME. These 6 stores have become more attractive, and their energy consumption linked to lighting has been reduced by half (better installation of lighting, use of high-performance sources).

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More projects…

More projects…

• Chateau Barbanau, Provence / 2017

Lighting scheme for a new “chai”
Concept design, supply, installation supervision.

• Optique Clairvue, Pont-St-Esprit / 2016

New lighting scheme
Concept design, installation supervision.

• Jewellerie, St Marcellin /2014

• Pharmacie Tournier, Nîmes / 2015-16

New lighting scheme
Concept design, installation supervision.

• Hostellerie La Briquetterie, Vinay / 2014

New lighting scheme for the restaurant,
lounge bar, hall and corridors.

• Galerie d’Art, Grignan /2014

Lighting analysis.

• Restaurant Isabelle Auguy, Rodez / 2011

New space
Lighting design project

• Huilerie Richard, Montoison / 2012-2013

Olive oil milling.
New lighting for the shop
Concept design, installation supervision.

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Lux, National Scene


Open to many different art expressions, LUX project is to help develop cotemporary artistic creation, with a constant dialogue between visual art and scenic art.
The identity of the place is asserted by strong, colorful and dynamic lighting of the facade.The lighting offers a contrast with surrounding buildings, allowing LUX identity to be perceived from distance.

Lighting scheme
Installation supervision

Electrician contractor: Ameo

2019-09-27T14:13:47+02:00septembre 19th, 2019|Architecture-fr|

Azé Caves

Enlightning of this network of famous prehistoric caves, light scenography.

The caves have been arranged on more than 1000 meters, with 2 main caves: The “Pre-historic Cave” and the “Underground River Cave”. No color nor scenic effects here, no use of heavy dynamic lighting, the choice here is to play with shades and contrasts. Accent lighting, progressive lighting to  enhance a “discovery” effect. Light is at the service of the scene, its aim is to suggest, help stimulate our imagination rather than brutally show.
100% LED material has been carefully selected, with a specific anti corrosion plating, as the environment here is very aggresive for metals.

Installation supervision

Electrician contractors: Berger, Cegelec
Project Master: Saone et Loire County.

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Church, Ardeche region


New interior lighting for this small medieval roman church in south Ardeche region.

The aim of the new system is triple:

  • Highlight the beautiful architecture and the materials used, as well as the small sculptural details
  • Provide lighting for the cult
  • Propose Scenic lighting, as the place is used for concerts and events throughout summer

The budget was very tight, so a simple control system was designed, based on push buttons and timers.

Installation supervision

Electrician: Alméras, Les Vans
Project Master: Coucil of Malarce-sur-la-Thines

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Cathedral, Bourg-en-Bresse

Lighting design for the interior of the cathedral.

The new lighting scheme respects the architectural sobriety. Contratsts and impacts from daylight are preserved. Archs are hilightened, as well as several architectural details and furniture. Verticality is enhanced at the choir. Specific suspensions have been designed, to provide atmosphere lighting and bring sufficient light to the public.

Several lighting scenarii have been defined for various usages: Worship, concert, enlightment. Lighting management is implemented on WAGO DALI controllers.

Design and implementation
Installation supervision

Heritage Architect: PRONAOS
Engineering: SYNAPSE
Project Master: City of Bourg-en-Bresse.

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