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Autres bureaux et bâtiments publics

Private Offices, Valence / 2014
Refurbishment, new office and show room spaces
New lighting scheme, low luminance, full automation (DALI control).
Concept design, supply, installation supervision.

Gymnasium, Bourg les Valence / 2012​
New lighting scheme, lighting control (DALI, sports regulations levels
Concept design, supply, installation supervision.

​Day Nursery, Roybon / 2012​​
New lighting scheme.
Concept design.

​Primary school, Rochemaure / 2012​​
New lighting scheme.
Concept design.

Elementary School, Bourg-les-Valence / 2013
New lighting scheme.
Concept design.

Travaux connexes

2019-11-30T16:51:10+01:00septembre 20th, 2019|Bureaux|

Banque de France

Lighting of this heritage building and surrounding park. Conversion into prestige offices and luxury appartments. Interior lighting, smart lighting (LUTRON DALI controls).

Lighting design
Supply management
Installation supervision

Architect: cabinet Pierre Traversier.
Lighting Control: DSR
Private client.

2019-09-24T17:55:49+02:00septembre 20th, 2019|Bureaux|

Exposition Picasso, Le Puy-en-Velay

July – October 2017

Exhibition “Picasso and Maternity”
Hotel-Dieu, Le Puy-en-Velay

Lighting scheme and commissioning for this major exhibition, with paintings, photographs and drawings coming from major Picasso museums throughout Europe.
​All the lighting has been done with existing material, halogen contour spotlights on tracks with framing attachments.
Some very sensitive works were to be displayed, so extra caution had to be taken regarding illuminance levels. Also, specific care was provided on glare avoidance and visual confort for the visitors.

Scheme design, installation supervision

​Project Master: council of Le Puy-en Velay.

2019-09-26T16:46:02+02:00septembre 20th, 2019|Musées|

MAMC, St Etienne


New lighting system for exhibition spaces.

Spotlights on tracks, DALI control.

The contemporary architecture lets a lot of natural light in. Lighting sensors on DALI allow a nice control of artificial light.
Wall-washers are used to provide uniform background of light on the walls. Accents are provided where necessary with spotlights with various optics.
One type of spotlight is used only, with  accessories and optics, allowing maximum flexibility for different exhibitions (the museum has the most important collection of contemporary art in France, it’s policy is to regularly change the works presented).

Lighting design, control scheme and scenarios
Installation supervision

Electrician and programming: Ameo
Project master: council of St Etienne Métropole.

2019-09-20T09:25:11+02:00septembre 20th, 2019|Musées|

La Roche-sur-Yon Museum

2015 – 2016

New lighting system for exhibition spaces on this museum which has an important photography collection.

​It was decided to go with spotlights on tracks for more flexibility. All the system was designed on DALI architecture, for better light control. All the rooms were equipped with presence detection and lighting sensors.

Wall-washer spotlights provide general uniform lighting on the walls, enhancing notion of space with vertical lighting. They also provide a neutral background, allowing a nice perception of the works presented. Used alone, the wall-washers provide soft light and contribute to define a nice and quiet atmosphere in the rooms.

Some accent lighting is provided where necessary by spotlights equipped with proper reflectors. Specific works can then be enhanced, and volumes are more accurately shaped.

​Lighting design, specification of control scenarios
Installation supervision

​​Electrician: Loizeau (groupe Brunet)
Lighting control: Idomys
Project Master: council of La Roche-sur-Yon.

2019-09-20T09:09:35+02:00septembre 20th, 2019|Musées|

Musée Fabre, Montpellier


New lighting for temporary exhibition rooms.

​Spotlights on tracks: Flexible, easy to configure.
A totally new lighting scheme can be easily created at each new exhibition.
Only one type of spotlight is referenced, which makes it easy to manage. Different beams can be obtained with removable optics.
Lighting control with DALI: Each spotlight can be individually programmed (luminous flux) with a smartphone/tablet on a dedicated WiFi network.

Lighting Design
Installation supervision

Project Management: Agence Pierre Rossignol
Electrical and programming engineering: Ameo
Project master: Council of Montpellier.

2019-09-20T09:11:08+02:00septembre 20th, 2019|Musées|