2015 – 2016

New lighting system for exhibition spaces on this museum which has an important photography collection.

​It was decided to go with spotlights on tracks for more flexibility. All the system was designed on DALI architecture, for better light control. All the rooms were equipped with presence detection and lighting sensors.

Wall-washer spotlights provide general uniform lighting on the walls, enhancing notion of space with vertical lighting. They also provide a neutral background, allowing a nice perception of the works presented. Used alone, the wall-washers provide soft light and contribute to define a nice and quiet atmosphere in the rooms.

Some accent lighting is provided where necessary by spotlights equipped with proper reflectors. Specific works can then be enhanced, and volumes are more accurately shaped.

​Lighting design, specification of control scenarios
Installation supervision

​​Electrician: Loizeau (groupe Brunet)
Lighting control: Idomys
Project Master: council of La Roche-sur-Yon.