With over 10 years experience in the lighting industry, we hold a strong expertise in light and lighting control.

We work with clients, architects and interior designers, to enhance their designs and architectural requirements through light. We create lighting schemes for residential and commercial properties, including hospitality, retail and workplace. We work also on the lighting of heritage buildings and museums. Established in France in 2011, and now in London, we work on projects across Europe and have developed strong relationships with numerous designers and engineers in France and UK.

Pierre Bachy

More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

What we do

Lighting design

Defining the specification and position of light fittings to create the right mood, define the space and highlight specific areas or objects, as well as adding drama. Our scope ranges from simple conceptual advice to turnkey technical designs, from conception to completion, and can include equipment purchase and commissioning. Our service is tailored to our client's vision and budget.

Smart and sustainable lighting

Bringing together creativity and technology, we produce solutions that are highly functional. We always look for the most appropriate technologies and products: quality light fittings and smart control systems, to provide flexibility and comfort. With in-depth product knowledge and experience with many different lighting manufacturers, we are able to provide options you would most likely not be aware of. Our technical knowledge guarantees appropriate light levels, compliance with regulations, energy saving. We strive to maximise energy efficiency and minimise light pollution in our schemes, thus limiting environmental impact.


We are passionate about lighting and how it can dramatically change the way we interact with a space.

We work with you every step of the way to achieve your brief



Discuss the visions for the project, timescales and budget



Create and develop preliminary concept material including generic fitting types, initial layout, early budget assessment



Full drawing, lighting & control schedule, detail of specified fitting and control equipment, detail of circuits, pricing, planning report information as required with light level attainments, light pollution calculations as required.



Our role is then to speed everything along, saving you considerable time and effort.